Tree of Life Foundation - Health Literacy Project - Story Medicine Mends Memory

A picture illustrating a tree and its connection to the Tree of Life. Qigong Master

OUR MISSION is to foster indigenous
storytelling within intergenerational anecdotes joining life’s circle that issues promise, hope, wisdom, understanding, and humor via the written and oral traditions of poetry, storytelling, and folklore using dance, theater, music, art, agriculture, health education, astronomic and symbolic linguistic sciences.

          Inspire, educate, & ignite memory!

Our service renders the Ancient indigenous understanding that cultures continue to share   stories of humanity's origin; from the stars they have provided tools from stories; and teach how to plant sew & reap according to the seasons.

We are star journeys 
 Poem, stories, wheeling 
   Infinite wills of time!
Share your story, tell the story!
           Story medicine mends memory!(c)



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