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          Healers Journey Through Health Literacy

What Story does Your Body Tell You?
What stories do you Re-member?
  Stories The Body  Will Tell You
  • The Body Just Ain't a Sack Of Blood
  • Remember Childhood?
  • SanKofa
  • 5 to 600 Years Old
  • Mama's Dance
  • Phili MOVE
  • The Tie That Binds and many many more!
  • Sparrow's Eye  Click here to hear
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Urban Relief
Kemba Shakur
7th Annual Tree Planting  
Over 15,000 Trees Planted to date.January 21,

Sabar- Life is a Dance

Art Poetry Events

Al Young

California Poet Laureate Emeritus 
Honored to have read with him and
Experience his style!

Links to Come soon!
Phavia Kujicahgulia
Ismael Reed
Devorah Majors
Ameri Baraka
Opal Palmer Adisa

2 time Blues Hall of Fame 

CA Poets In The Schools 
1333 Balboa #3
San Francisco, CA

Student's poem

Student poem among CA student poem collection.
Tureeda, Winner of SEED POET Grant

Meta Commerse - Story Medicine Work shop

Johnnie Burrell
International Media T.V.  
Tracy Reese, creator of                               Michelle Obama's 'Dress' broadcast! 
The Tuskegee Airman link;. 
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  • Tree of Life Foundation - Health Literacy Project. Qigong Master

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    Nelson George at Marcus Books

    Story of the Humming Bird

    National Association of Black Storytellers
    Baba Jamal - StoryMan

    Museum of the African Diaspora

    EastSide Arts Alliance 
    Malcolm X Jazz Festival
    Holla Back
    Last Fridays Movies
    2277 International Blvd.


    Temple Health
    Take Care of Your Body
    and Body Will take care of You!

     Fitness Model Diane Sinclair
    is one of our fitness Gugrus
    Contact her !
    Motivation....2013 will be our year... 
    Living a Healthy Lifestyle.
    It's not about getting skinny. 
    It's about being fit
    for life.

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