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Tree of Life Foundation 
Health Literacy Project 
        The Village

2/15/2020, SATURDAY, 7PM
Tureeda Mikell book release 
SYNCHRONICITY: The Oracle of Sun Medicine 
published by Nomadic Press at
East Side Arts Alliance
2277 International Blvd.
Oakland, CA 94601

2/18/2020, Tuesday, 8PM
The Marsh
Berkeley, CA 94701

2/22/2020, Saturday, 3-5PM
La Palabra Musical
Cesar Chavez Library
3301 East 12th Street @ 33 Ave
Oakland, cA 94601

deYoung Museum
Soul of a Nation
Fire Thieves Poetry Reading
San Francisco, CA

March cancelled untill further notice

Lower Bottoms Theater
Eth -No -Tec  

Joyce Gordon Gallery
406 14th St. Oakland

Deborah Day,  
Owner,  Ashay by The Bay 
Largest supplier of online Black Children’s Books In the U.S.

                     No donation is too great or too small

Business Donor 
 _____ $125.00 Seed Sower _____ $250.00 Helping Hand _____ $400.00 Life Changer  

______$1000.00 Angel

Individual Donor 
____ $25.00 Seed Sower ____ $75.00 Helping Hand ____$125.00 Life Changer or more

Your tax deductible donation to TREE OF LIFE provides;
  • Literacy Development and Cognition 
  • Developing the Writing process.
  • Health and what you should know about Body Talk 
  • Eating Well on a Small Budget.
  • Listening Clinics
  • Emotional Therapy via poetry and storytelling.
  • Intergenerational Speak; Broadening Our Community Base.
  • Feeding families throughout Alameda County and Beyond
  • Workshops, classes, and performances in under served areas
  • Healing Clinics 

Thank You for being powerful in the world!
Story Medicine
On Going
Healing Community Via
 Poetry, Storytelling, Theater
510 812-8123
Hear amazing stories the body tells in the midst of wonder.


ToRead Ah
Story Medicine Woman Storyteller,Artist,Poet,
Workshop Presenter, 
Deep Mediation Guidance Facilitator  
Activist For Holism by East African PhD
Word Magician by Ngugi wa Thiongo
Featured in;
In The Company of Prophets
Temba Tupu - Emory University
         Drumvoices Revue - Volume 17
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