Tree of Life Foundation - Health Literacy Project - Story Medicine Mends Memory

Qigong Energy Therapy.  
Cost - What you think it's worth and what you can afford!
Enhance your body's awareness for
Weight Control
Listening to your body
Listening to stories your body tells. 

Thoth Reading
Search for meaning in a chaotic world of words enlightens, intones and
offers strength the guide to move forward!  Group, party, or workshops 

Personal Star Story Chart  - $300.00
From the time you took your first breath on earth you marked the acknowledgement of the heavens.  Star maps know also as charts mark gifts from the heavens.

Schools K-12 $700.     Assemblies
Colleges  - $2500.00     Performance/workshop 
Corporation$5000.00   Performance/workshop

The Dogon and the Star Sirius Mystery
Tree of Life Foundation - Health Literacy Project. Qigong Master.



Story Forms and Forums - $125/hr.
Learn and experience symbolic ways in which your story unfolds daily from the time you were born; call 510 812-8123. 

Tell Your Story, Workshop -  $200.00/session
Breathe life into your story and Perform it in front of others

Listen To The Body Workshops - $300.00 - 3 sessions
Chakras and the Glandular System.
Basic Physiology & Anatomy

Wounded Healer's Workshop
As infinite beings, what we accept subliminally  $100. - 4 sessions
that effect decisions of self fulfillment 

Qigong Movements - 
Eliminates stagnant chi/energy.
Quiets the mind
Heightens listening
Centers body

Story Titles the Body Shares!
Find them in book entitled;
Story Medicine II, A Healers Journey (view Store page)
  • The Body Just Ain't a Sack Of Blood
  • Remembering Childhood
  • SanKofa
  • 5 to 600 Years Old
  • Mama's Dance
  • Phili MOVE 
  • The Tie That Binds

Simple treasures help transform the old into new!
What are you willing to help transform; war, fear, hunger, homelessness, hopelessness? Creating hope, dreams, and facilitating the removal dreams deferred; We can undo what's been done and acquire tools necessary to transform? 
What stories can we provide to heal, inspire, and delight insight?

Call 510 812-8123

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