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OUR MISSION is to foster indigenous

storytelling within intergenerational anecdotes

joining life’s circle that issues promise, hope,

wisdom, understanding, and humor via the

written and oral traditions of poetry, storytelling,

and folklore using dance, theater, music, art, agriculture,

health education, astronomic and symbolic linguistic sciences.

Practice prevention!

Keep Immune system high alkaline!

Fruits, leafy dark greens, low carb/sugar

And drink water, not soda, water!

Thoughts are things!

Denounce fear mongering!

It is acid!

Create, listen, beaware but do not dwell!

Much Love!!


Share, I remember stories!

Inspire, educate, & ignite memory!

Africa - Mexico-Bolivia-Brazil


Story telling Ambassadors

We invite Ancient stories, folklore, myths and comedy that continue to inspire, ignite, and reveal memory of humanity's origin from the stars!

We are star journals

  Books, poems,

    Storytelling activist wheeling

      Infinite Story Medicine

       For Generations to come!

Share your story, tell the story!

       Story medicine mends memory!(c)


Tureeda, Story Medicine Woman

Performing and reading from book

Synchronicity: The Oracle of Sun Medicine


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