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Qigong Energy Therapy.

Cost - What you think it's worth and what you can truly afford!   Said a QiGong Master, an Elder from China,  in 2006, who witnessed movements I have channeled since the late 70s, confirmed 

it was a gift I inherited from my past life. 

Enhance your body's awareness for:

Weight Control

Listening to your body

Listening to stories your body tells. 

Thoth and Osho Tarot Readings

Search for meaning in a chaotic world of words, enlightens, intones and

offers strength to guide your movement forward into clarity   

Personal - Groups - Gatherings - Retreats - Workshops

On Earth, as It Is in Heaven - Astrology Your Personal Star Story Chart - $300.

From the time you took your first breath on earth, your arc marked the

acknowledgment of the heavens. 


Schools K-12 $700.     Assemblies

Colleges - $2500.00     Performance/workshop

Corporation$5000.00  Performance/workshop

The Dogon and the Star Sirius Mystery







Story Forms and Forums - $125/hr.
Learn and experience symbolic ways in which your story unfolds daily from the

time you were born; call 510 812-8123. 

Tell Your Story, Workshop - $200.00/session

Breathe life into your story and Perform it in front of others

Listen To The Body Workshops - $300.00 - 3 sessions

Chakras and the Glandular System.

Basic Physiology & Anatomy

Wounded Healer's Workshop

As infinite beings, what we accept subliminally $100. - 4 sessions

that effect decisions of self fulfillment 

Qigong Movements -

Eliminates stagnant chi/energy.

Quiets the mind

Heightens listening

Centers body

Story Titles the Body Shares!

Find them in book entitled;

Story Medicine II, A Healers Journey (view Store page)

 • The Body Just Ain't a Sack Of Blood

 • Remembering Childhood

 • SanKofa

 • 5 to 600 Years Old

 • Mama's Dance

 • Phili MOVE

 • The Tie That Binds

Simple treasures help transform the old into new!

What are you willing to help transform; war, fear, hunger, homelessness, hopelessness? Creating hope, dreams, and facilitating the removal dreams deferred; We can undo

what's been done and acquire tools necessary to transform?

What stories can we provide to heal, inspire, and delight insight?

Call 510 812-8123

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