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Storytelling can heal the sick,

  Initiate the aspirant to a religious experience,

   And unite people with Nature - Hopi

Leaf      Blood Vessel .  River & streams

June 4th, 2022 - Beast Crawl's Litquake with a taste of Story Medicine Woman, Tureeda.

Tree of Life 

Tureeda Mikell, Story Medicine Woman

Nomadic Press

Synchronicity: Oracle of Sun Medicine

Now available - Book & EBOOK 

Art and Education Storytelling via Theatrical Art

Stories tell How we sustain and gain knowledge that guards livelihood

Family & Community

Environmental Preservation Organic Farming - Sustainable Food & Land

Resources reconnecting with earth in sustainable ways that acknowledge heaven's

relationship to earth NOW via family and cultural awareness!

Tree of Life Story Medicine is a whole health storytelling literacy campaign, Astrology/Tarot with practice of over 30 years

this provides one of the best Story Medicines one can take. This medicine includes

the arts of Poetry, Astrology, (your star story), Life Sciences, Herbs and QiGong Energy Therapy that make an integral part of spirit, mind, body, community that devalues death, supports life, and aids Healing.

Tree of Life Foundation- Health Literacy Project provides

Unique Storytelling Poetry opportunities that combine life sciences and

Energy Consultant services that one will Value for a Life Time

Learn how to identify what type of Wounded Healer you are and what

synchronistic occurrences provide signs. The rhythm of the universe holds

us in Love Timings also known as Coincidence. Events that take place

concurrently is the universe telling us, we are on time, inline, and aligned

with our story!  

Storytelling; The Healers Journey, enlightens, inspires, and ignites,

imagery and magic the child within longs to remember that heals to reveal

truths regarding health effect on mind, body, spirit, and community.

Learn Healing Arts via

QiGong Workshops, and Energy Consultations;

Self Help Therapy Tools.​ 

Stories do not nor can not separate from the energy workings of body and

culture. For Energy Therapy/ Qigong Workshops; or 510 812-8123 

CA Poets in the Schools - Over 72 student anthologies published

throughout Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco areas; Demonstrates

expansion of vocabulary, vision, critical thinking, and articulation of

environment in our students.

Click on Gifts; Historical anthologies available upon donation.

510 812-8123 or Email;

For storytelling more information or to book an appointment.  

ToReadah, Story Medicine Woman - toreadah

Art of healing through poetry, story mentoring, written and oral performance, 

Sense-activation via Gigong Therapy consultations. 


Lessons That Heal!

Tree of Life Foundation, Health Literacy Project fosters indigenous

intergenerational understanding of the Tree of Life, the circle within written

and oral traditions of poetry, storytelling folklore via music, art, agriculture,

health education, astronomical sciences that has existed throughout all of humanity.

We are healers, d'jeli musas, truth speakers, griots, storytellers, comedians,

playwrights, musicians, dancers, writers, authors, educators,

psychologist, psychotherapist, and everyday people; Activist activating change

for our children's children.

We maintain our cultural humanity by listening, reading and offering vision through

stories that must be told to heal and reveal memory.

People of all cultures carry wondrous, magical, horrific, stories of the soothsayer,

the village idiot, the wise one, and the elders filled with mortal and immortal memories

handed down from generation to generation

Wounded Healer's Workshop

We never forget our pain really, because the Body never forgets. In STORY

MEDICINE I, one recalls the story; Body Just Ain't A Sack of Blood where a

young woman remembers being abused by an elder and how her body's reaction

to his memory scares her into another reality, that our body's is far more intelligent

than we imagine.

for it has been said ; "Nothing records the effects of a sad life so graphically as

the human body." - Nagiub Mahfouz

We KNOW the Body records the Miraculous as well, especially on the path

of healing!

What's your story?

Tree of Life collaborates with communities, businesses, schools and

nonprofits to effect hands on how to, storytelling, poetry, & healing

music performance via workshops that provide opportunities for health .

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Give at the level you can afford and receive a gift!

Donations over $200.00 will bring one hour of storytelling to your

Alameda, San Francisco, Contra Costa county school location.

No amount is too small or too great and is tax deductible. 

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