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Earth provides our most useful and talented subjects from which we derive stories. Visit the Performance Services page for storytelling performances or workshops. Tureeda, Tree of Life performed in the 50-Year Anniversary presentation of the Black Panthers, 70th Birthday Celebration of Octavia Butler, Soul of a Nation Exhibit at the DeYoung Museum, and was a NuWa Delegate to Beijing China in collaboration with the University o Beijing.

To Read Ah, Story Medicine Woman

Museum of the African Diaspora 2022 Poet in Residence

Called an Activist for Holism by Jungian Ph. D Professor, later called a, D'jeli

Musa aka Woman of Truths by South African professor at Cal State Long

Beach, has also been called a Word Magician by Tanzanian writer, professor,

thespian, Ngugi wa Thiango , Tureeda brings Storytelling Magic alive via the art

of Story Medicine.

Why Story Medicine?

Via the art sciences of Owning your story, your truth, allows better choices

to be made and settles one into an awareness we may not have otherwise

known. Self awareness invites self esteem and Tureeda delivers on every level.   

Tureeda aka ToRead ah, is a Poets In The Schools instructor, Silver Poet Award

Winner; World of Poetry, African American Child, U. C. B. Delegate to Denver,

Colorado, Writing for the Urban Child, National Writing Project; Bay Area Writing

Project Scholastic Writing/Poetry Judge, U. C. Berkeley 2010-11; Recognized

professional writer Poets & Writers, nominated Storyteller for the Pacific

Rim; selected U. C. Berkeley Summer Fellow Bay Area Writing Project; Teacher Consultant, and Writing for the African American Child U.C.B. She is known as

a Story Medicine Woman. She combines life sciences that seals to reveal holism

that heal relationships of body, mind, and spirit via Story poetry and history.

Tureeda has been called a karmic, Qigong Master by a Qigong Master from

the Win Wu School. This art form unites her passion for the bio-science

that include countless experiences of coincidence that details her work as

a healer and motivational speaker.

She has been published and or performed with, Maya Angelou, Sonia Sanchez,

Al Young, Amiri & Amini Baraka, Eugene Redmond, The Last Poets, Rita Dove,

Lucille Clifton, Audrey Lorde and many more.

Contact; or call510 812 8123

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