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SYNCHRONICITY: The Oracle of Sun Medicine




 Curated by Tureeda Mikell and East Side Arts Alliance

Edited by Michaela Mullin, Noelia Cerna, Aqueila M. Lewis-Ross.

Cover art ("African American Pi") by John Sims

This is the first of what will hopefully be many future collaborations between

Nomadic Press and East Side Arts Alliance.

 This book is dedicated to, QR Hand. Rest in power, poet.



Synchronicity: The Oracle of Sun Medicine by Tureeda Mikell is a poetic-prose journey into sun medicine, filled with a plethora of questions for elitist patriarchs, political satirists, and those interested in interspecies communication—from “son” to “sun” or “joule” to “jewel,” as in “Spell’s Labyrinth.” “The Oracle” alarms time that signs body’s mind-heart with, “What does love got to do with it, where is the respect…” in “Worship Warship,” to political prose honoring the Black Panthers. Synchronicity connects scenes seen and unseen spheres with greater journeys from the profane to the mysterious that contracts taboos often interwoven with society’s relationships to our winged cousins, stars, and ancestors trying to heal us all from the great beyond.

Be Strong My Sister poem (on 8.5x11-10ml laminated parchment) was purchased in 1987

in Philadelphia by the late Congresswoman, Shirley Chisholm. Certificate

of Authenticity accompany's this powerful piece and signed by the author Tureeda. - $50

The People Who Knew What Sound Look Like - DVD 9min -original stories, songs, and

poetry about the Dogon People's insights on astronomy, Star Sirius, and anatomy/physiology

regarding melanin and Tree of Life. - $12.

Why Astrology - DVD 30min -T.V. interview with Tureeda Mikell by-

Michael Lange. Lange interviews Tureeda concerning issues on beliefs in astrology,

snychonistic or coincidental events astrology provides and On Earth as it Is in Heaven as Vision

rather than concept or cerebral intellectual idea are core topics addressed. - $25

The Nomadics - DVD - 12 minute video art piece that demonstrates a very old relationship

between Africa and Asia.Ulysses Jenkins. producer and director received San Francisco

Museum of Art Life Time Achievement Award. - $12.

​I acted as his consultant.

Story Medicine - Book - 60pp Reconnects body heaven earth and sense-activity and includes

the story Body Just Ain't A Sack of Blood, a favorite among youth and adults surviving child

abuse and/or foster care . - $20.

Historical Archives; Anthology Collection

Published Collector’s anthologies; Gifts for Donation of 2 copies /$20 or 3/$30.

Students’ poetic responses from;

1. Rodney King Beating – 1992; King Estates Junior High students in East Oakland.

2. Castlemont - 1994; Youth thrown out of Grand Lake Theater for laughing at

                        Schindler's List.

3. Tupac's Death – 1996;McClymonds High students in West Oakland.

Donation; of 2/$12 or 3/$18

Support CPITS POETRY- CA Poets In The Schools

Sponsor poetry classes for a school;

               20 sessions for $1500.

               10 sessions for $750.

            5 sessions for $350.

             1 sessions for $100.

Tureeda has over 30 yrs experience as a Poet/ Healer /Storyteller. She is a

1996 U.C. Berkeley Summer Fellow, Teacher Consultant, and publisher of

over 72 student anthologies.

Student learn

Critical thinking

Expand vocabulary

The writing process,

The Gift of Listening

Storytelling as medicine and more....

Latest 700pp publication from ESL; East Saint Louis;Southern Illinois University Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary of Drumvoices “


Homage to Miles Davis, Henry Dumas & Katherine Dunham

My work can be found in this publication.


DRUMVOICES - Founded in 1986 and chartered by Fowler, Roy and Redmond, the 25-

year-old Club meets twice monthly in ESL. Trustees are Maya Angelou, Amiri Baraka, Avery

Brooks, Haki R. Madhubuti, Walter Mosley, Quincy Troupe, Jerry Ward Jr., and Lena J.

Weathers. Margaret Walker Alexander (1915-1998), Gwendolyn Brooks (1917-2000), Raymond

Patterson (1929-2001) and Barbara Ann Teer (1937-2008) were also trustees. For information

about the Club or “Drumvoices Revue,” call 618 650-3991 or write the Club at P.O. Box 6165,

East St. Louis, Illinois 62201. To order “Drumvoices 20 Year Anniversary,” send $18.00

check/money order ($15.00 + $3.00 shipping/handling) to the above address.

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