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Published in KONCH Zine 1/2022 - Ishmael Reed,  Publisher

Synchronicity: The Oracle of Sun Medicine, Tureeda Mikell (Nomadic Press, 2020) reviewed by Chris Stroffolino


Excerpt from review.

At my job, I’m usually studying for exams, prepping, commenting in subject-object consciousness,

of grammar as social relations, feeling separated from the body, but it has often been said, “the

teacher" will come when the student’s ready” and sometimes a single line can have a force that comes

like slow medicine. “To disengage one subject from life’s circle would paralyze the rest.” (155). This

wisdom in this line, however, becomes even more uncanny when I consider the context in which

these lines came to Tureeda Mikell:

“If I hadn’t experienced migraines while studying for three exams,

looking for subject-connectedness in a circle, reading a book

given to me, titled Muntu, and find a quote that read, “For the

African, to disengage one subject from life’s circle would paralyze

the rest,” and have the migraines disappear shortly thereafter,” (155)

This is just one of the ways in which Tureeda Mikell, in her debut collection, Synchronicity (2020), is

able to show the healing powers of certain words, and also how sharing some words can make

people feel less alone or less crazy, especially against cultural normative institutions that pathologize

nature. Yet, as a healer, she also knows how deep these cultural institutions have their claws in us,

even if we think we’ve escaped them once and for all as if a pill can purge these demons.


Organization, Timeliness, Other, Environments

“Tureeda is an excellent storyteller. It is truly her passion. I bought several poems

and gave them to a family member who has experienced many challenges. I read

the poem to her and then showed it to her. She was very emotional and grateful.

I read the next poem to her grandsons who took the poem with the image of a baby

boy and hugged it. Tureeda's words are on the living room mantel where it touches

three generations daily. Thank you Tureeda for sharing your gift, love, wisdom,

understanding and generosity." JoAnn

You were my first reader/healer! Thank you So Much! - Bissi - Africa

July 29,

We need to come together, go around the country, and share what we know as

artist. Healing is needed; said after reading 'STORY MEDICINE'. 

                                                                                                         Val Serrant

July 17

for the record your poem is AWESOME!

It's perfect... gloriously honoring our "hue-man" seeds...darling!

You ain't no JOKE! love love love love you! Jerry Thompson, Books Inc.

July 9

You were great! Hope to have you back again.

You're right, the lines grew! - Half Moon Bay

June 2,

Peace and Love, it's always a joy to share my family with you as your strong encouraging voice soothes the air with captivating stories.

C. Tyson

June 27,

I enjoyed the breath and depth of the reading. I am always amazed at the fact you know your work by heart and say it with such rhythm. Also the comment that you made about the police being able to take the Arizona gunman alive and had to shoot an unarmed, handcuffed black man. You continue to stand up or the power of the ancestry of our people.

( BAWP Reading at Expression Art Gallery U. C. Berkeley.) Carolyn Alexander, Librarian 

May 9.

I've had QiGong classes before but never felt it like this. New York client


4 year old says, "Thank you for taking that out of my heart."

Few months after parent's murder, child experiences healing.


When are you coming back to NY. Your Qigong sessions were amazing!

M. Graham

Feb 25, Black History Program.

School Assembly, 300 in attendance school assembly; Mother's comment,

We just one to thank you again for being such a blessing to us. My son was so excited that he( Isaiah) kept asking, "Mom how did you get her to come to our school she is so good. Mom how did you get her to come to our school she is so amazing. Mom how did you get her to come to our school she is great. Wow!!! Thanks Mom." All I can say is to God be the glory!!! I asked him (Isaiah) what the stories were about and he said, "It doesn't matter how big ,fast or small you are but that you get the job done." Also, " Stay away from agitators." I asked my younger son (Vincent Jr.) what he liked about the story and he said, "The turtle" What about the turtle? When she said the trees name. Isaiah was so proud. To see the brightness in his eyes and many of the students eyes were priceless. Many children and faculty keep talking about how great a storyteller you are. They are right!!! You are wonderful!!! May you be forever blessed.

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